Donate to Genderbuddy’s Fairy’s Mission

Through the use of buddies, Genderness wants to help people get out of their social and societal isolation. The project work is done to remove barriers in private life in cooperation with social workers and the coaches of Gendertalent. By having social support to get your life going again, a person really can set up the difference. Our mission is to do this by improving social and language skills. Our organization wants to support getting and keeping a job, while also improving all base skills and acquiring confidence.

Buddies will be trans persons themselves (with some distance to their own proces), family members of friends of trans persons. The buddies guide trans persons by practical issues, like learning the language, dealings with tthe governement in case of refugees and also work related issues as well as building a new social life doing cultural activitties, shopping for food or new clothing.

The buddies will be trained through online courses and guidance by a professional trainer-coach. We support the Genderbuddy project. Gendertalent and Genderflex employees put their time into the project to get it to the next level. We are ask you for a contribution for funding to get the matching, making an online course and doing the intervision and also to get some pocket money to do a social / cultural activity for the buddy with the trans persons.

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