…there was this little princess that truly believed in the power of Fairies…


…  and again in this lifetime, she still believes, that…

.. nowadays, Catharina Anastasia helps fairies that are…

  • acting from unconditonal love for all souls & spirits

  • open & respectfull in their actions to every soul coming from all walks of life or with other point of views

  • transforming specific ideas into small actions that make big impact on lifepaths of individual souls

  • working transnational on transgender and/ or transcendent topics

… and, if you want, you can help fairies too in spreading their pixiedust, by:

  • Donating in a specific (urgent) fairymissions of your choice

  • Donating to one of the fairy missions of the Foundation

  • Donating to our general fairyfund from which we choose to support fairy missions

…so that one night, you might have a beautiful dream in which the fairies ask you to use your pixie abilities for one of the  Foundation’s special pixiedust missions …

… because, if we together support the fairies in their missions…